Red Cups give an image of drinking and partying but thats not all it stands for. Renowed DJ’s/Producers Matt Weichel and Perry Nelson make up the duo of Red Cup Nation. Branded as Red Cup Nation, the Pennsylvania-bred comrades have parlayed the best days of their lives into a lucrative career. What began as a website targeted at college trends, the two now continue to tour the nation, profiting from packed events and merchandising.
The pair met during college in Florida and has since meshed their talents to create an innovative music movement. Matt and Perry initiated the brand three years ago with online destination, which featured cutting-edge music and trends-alongside their own musical wares.  The entrepreneurial duo then launched a food truck (retrofitting a former FedEx truck) that traveled throughout Philly, offering a promotional “vehicle” for their music and burgeoning website. Within its first month, the site fostered 40,000 views.
Next came a series of DJ gigs in metro Miami, which garnered press coverage on Channel 7 News and other local media outlets. Red Cup Nation then took their show on the road, touring the nation—amping presence with a mascot, cheerleaders and props to create a consummate high-energy show. They filmed and documented all shows, which, to date, have been viewed by more than 3 million followers.
Forbes magazine profiled Matt and Perry’s successful venture, noting they reached their success independently with no investors or official sponsors. To date Red Cup Nation has completed four major nationwide tours: the 24 city “Best Time of My Life” Tour; 18 city “Sunglasses at Night“ and a combined 60 city tour for the “Go Hard X Go Home 1&2” With the release of their EP “Ride The Wave” the duo is the next to watch out for in 2016.

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